The Effects of a Weak Alternating Magnetic Field on Glutamic Acid

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There has been substantial research showing the effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (ELF-EMF) on various properties of liquids, among the most notable being the acidity of a solution. ELF-EMFs have amplitudes typically measured on the scale of microteslas, and have frequencies comparable to the cyclotron frequency of the molecule its ionic form. It is hypothesized that the magnetic field changes the coordination of water, which in turn affects the pH of the solution. This is difficult to measure directly, but it can be measured by adding a molecule that can be detected by IR spectroscopy that is sensitive to changes in pH. We propose to use glutamic acid (GA), a molecule with several pKa values (due to its carboxylic acid and amine groups), to monitor the affects of ELF-EMFs for several pH values.

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