Different Ways Students Approach Data

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USU Student Showcase

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Victor Lee


The world around us is increasingly becoming immersed in data. As such, the need is there for students to learn to interpret data at earlier and earlier ages. However, helping students learn about data requires that we understand how they intuitively approach the work of interpreting data. As is the case with many subject areas, we expect that students have myriads of ways to make intuitive judgments about data when it is presented to them. My research team worked with a classroom of elementary students to help them invent their own experiments, analyse their data, and come up with their own conclusions. Drawing from video footage of the students final presentations where they presented and discussed their data with their entire class, we identified a number of different strategies students used to interpret and explain their data. As I discuss in this poster, the strategies the students used included a mix of methods they had been previously taught along with some unexpected, intuitive ways that they saw the data.

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