The Precollege Program: A Collaborative Model of Student Enrichment and Professional Development in Mathematics and Science

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Professional Development Leadership and the Diverse Learner


National Science Teachers Association

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National organizations have called for major reform in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science. The release of the third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) challenges educators in the United States to teach mathematics and science in new and different ways (Pursuing Excellence, 1996). In Falling Our Children: Implications of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (National Science Board, 1998), the National Science Board declared the critical importance of reaffirming the commitment to improving mathematics and science performance in our nation. Findings in the TIMSS report encouraged mathematics and science teachers to add depth to instruction in these subjects. Land (1996), director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), reported that teachers in other countries are expected to teach a narrow range of subjects and have more time for planning and collegiality, enabling them to investigate topics in greater depth.

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