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Intense focus on student achievement results in mathematics and science has brought about claims that K-12 teachers should be better prepared to teach basic concepts in these disciplines. The focus on teachers' mathematics and science content knowledge has been met by efforts to increase teacher knowledge through funded national initiatives focusing on mathematics and science. The purpose of the present study was to look across projects in the National Science Foundation's Math and Science Partnership Program to determine how partnerships developed processes for measuring growth in teacher content knowledge. Pre- and post-testing was the most common process for measuring growth in content knowledge, with 63% of the mathematics and 78% of the science teachers showing significant gains in content knowledge. A notable difference was found between teacher outcomes when the Learning Mathematics for Teaching instrument was used in comparison with the use of other instruments measuring teacher content knowledge growth. Results revealed two pathways for promoting teacher content knowledge growth: content explicit, where the goal of growth in teacher content knowledge was explicit in the activity, and content embedded, where the goal of growth in teacher content knowledge was embedded in the activity. As a result of the analysis, a framework demonstrating the interrelationships among processes and pathways was developed.


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