The effects on elementary teachers' views of scientific inquiry and beliefs about teaching science

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Annual International Conference of the Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)

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The elementary school is an area that has great potential for the improvement of students’ attitude and achievement in science. However, most elementary teachers do not feel adequately prepared to teach science. In order to prepare more confident and effective elementary science teachers, research has shown that pre-service elementary teachers need instruction in science content and effective teaching pedagogy, as well as exposure to inquiry-based learning of science. A model for teaching an inquiry-based science methods course will be explored. Based on the results of a pre-and post-course survey, pre-service teachers enjoyment of science and science teaching self-efficacy have increased. Moreover, pre-service teachers’ views of inquiry, ideas about scientists and goals of a science program are more aligned to current reform documents after participation in this course. Lastly, data will be shared from a recent survey of inservice elementary teachers (both participants and non-participants of this course) to determine the possible longer-term effects of this course on teachers in their first years of teaching.