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The greater part of the matter given under the head "Farm Irrigation" is the result of five years' work. Some of the work reported gives the results obtained in fewer seasons. A great deal of the work was planned by Prof. J. VV. Sanborn, formerly Director of the Station, while the remainder was planned by the writer. The writer, however, has had charge of every detail of all of the field work from the beginning. Some of the matter has been published before, while a goodly portion of it has never been reported. For this publication the figures have been gone over from the beginning in 1890, both by the writer and by the clerk, Mr. Dryden, or someone else. For the last three years of the five Mr. Dryden has kept the records of the experiments, which is no mean part of the work, being very laborious and very likely to error, unless great care is bestowed. The proof is read by both the clerk and the writer, and it is hoped that in this publication errors will be reduced to a minimum.



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