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A knowledge of the intimate relations between the crop and the moisture of the soil is important to every farmer, and particularly to those in the arid parts of the world. While wheat is not an intensive crop and probably will not give as great returns to the acre for extra care as some other crops, it is well worth while to know how this crop responds to various treatments. The effect of high and low soil moisture during various stages in the growth of the crop is of particular interest. The work of other experimenters on this subject has been reviewed in earlier publications and will consequently not be discussed in this bulletin, which is the report of experiments on the water requirements of wheat conducted during three years in large tanks.

In these experiments an attempt was made to control more nearly than is possible under field conditions, the moisture of the soil during various stages in the growth of the crop. Records were also kept of the quantity of water used in order to study some of the factors involved in water economy.



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