E. B. Brossard

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Two agricultural problems that are fundamental and of prime importance to the people of Utah are:

1. The development to maximum economic agricultural production of those farms now operated.

2. The agricultural development of the many thousands of acres of new land in the state.

A realization of the importance of these problems caused this investigation to be made. The purpose of it is as follows :

1. To determine what has been the experience of practical farmers, relative to the most profitable systems of farm management on irrigated Utah farms, and to suggest profitable future development of the existing farms.

2. To serve those people who are desirous of obtaining farms in Utah, by giving them a standard by which to measure what might be expected under average conditions, and thus to stimulate economic development of new lands by avoiding costly mistakes.

3. To furnish bankers, officers of loan associations, and other capitalists who loan money on irrigated farms in Utah useful information regarding the average value of such securities.



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