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Several years ago the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station began a project entitled "Study of agricultural resources in Utah and their utilization." This project contemplates conducting detailed soils, irrigation water, range and economic studies in all areas of Utah. To date these studies have been made for a portion of the state including the Uinta Basin. However, in order that the information so obtained can be more effectively used for public and private programs of operation, there is a need to combine and correlate the basic data.

The primary objective of the study reported herewith is to bring together and analyze data concerning the agricultural resources of the Uinta Basin and their use in such a way that individuals and groups interested in the area will be assisted in building a more permanent and satisfactory agricultural economy. This report is intended primarily for the use of the people living in the basin (the individual farmers and farm groups) and the governmental and private business groups that are interested in the farmer and the agricultural resources of the basin. Insofar as the procedure and information are applicable, they may be of value in the study of other areas.



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