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The area included in this study is part of the better irrigated section of Utah. Although the soils are variable, that part used for arable agriculture is generally fair to good. The poorer soils are used largely for pastures which makes necessary a forage-consuming livestock enterprise in the farm organization. Dairy cattle is the type of livestock most common. Topography, climate, irrigation water supply, transportation, and markets all permit or favor a relatively intensive and successful cash-crop and dairy type of farming. The average farm is relatively small in area of cultivated land which also makes necessary intensive usage, high rates of production, and efficient organization and management if the business is to prosper financially.

The primary purpose of this report is to present an analysis of data pertaining to the milking enterprise. An attempt is made to point out the factors and relationship most important in affecting the costs and returns, or the financial success, of the milking enterprise. As this is the most important single enterprise on these farms, it is desirable that it be operated with the greatest efficiency possible.



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