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During the period from 1920 to 1941 the fruit industry in Utah and other areas or the west went through a period of adjustment. Previous to and during World War I, growers received high prices for fruit which resulted in increased production. However, following the sudden drop in prices of 1920, fruit growers had a hard time to market the large tonnage produced. Returns were low. During this period keen competition for the sale of fruits developed between individual growers and various producing areas. Although the problems of adjustment were severe in most fruit areas of the west, the marketing situation was even more acute in Utah because of the small unit farm production and the difficulty growers had in meeting competition from large fruit-growing districts.

Vegetable production in Utah has been gradually expanding. This extension has taken place in spite of low prices some years. The adjustment of vegetable acreage to demand during low price periods can be done more easily than in case of fruit. For this reason vegetable producers did not suffer to the same degree as did the fruit growers during depression years from 1920 to 940.

Since 1942, as a result of increased demand by the government and by civilians, and price inflation, prices received for fruits and vegetables have greatly increased. Undoubtedly the present price inflation period will be followed by adjustments in demands and prices. When these occur, Utah will again be faced with keen competition from many other producing areas. The returns to the growers and the future of these two industries will depend upon the production and marketing efficiency of the growers.



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