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Cooperatie investigations on drainage and reclamation of salted soils in the Delta Area, Utah, were undertaken by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, the U. S. Regional Salinity Laboratory, and Millard County Drainage Districts under a memorandum of understanding effective January 1, 1946.

This investigation comprises project 250 of the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, R. H. Walker, director; and project 50-46-1 of the U. S. Regional Salinity Laboratory, H. E. Hayward, director.

The objectives of the investigations covered by the memorandum of understanding were:

1. To study the effectiveness of present methods of drainage; tile and open drains.

2. To determine the possibilities of pumping from wells as a method of drainage in the Delta Area and the possibility of using the pumped water for irrigation.

3. To determine practical and economical methods of reclaiming unproductive saline and alkali soils of the area by leaching.

The leaching phase of these investigations has been completed and the results are reported in Experiment Station Bulletin 335 entitled "Reclamation of saline-alkali soils by leaching." The first and second 'phases concerned with the effectiveness of present drainage methods and the possibilities of pumping for drainage are included in this report. Drainage and leaching are inseparable and must be considered as integral parts of an overall reclamation program for areas in which salinity is a problem.



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