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One of man's greatest challenges is to build institutions that adequately meet basic needs. A cemetery is a social institution invented to take care of needs related to the dead.

Times and conditions change. A design which seemed adequate when initiated may soon become archaic and out-moded if it is not modified in the light of new discoveries.

This study raises many issues about cemeteries. As one reads the bulletin many questions concerning the nature and function of other institutions arise. What is their condition in contrast with the cemeteries?

This publication, the first in an institution series planned by the authors, suggests that the cemeteries when measured by reasonable standards appear to be sub-standard in many places. What functions in addition to burial should cemeteries perform? Under what conditions can cemeteries have greater significance and meaning to the people? This study is an appraisal of one institution. Can cemeteries or other institutions be effective if they are not subjected to regular appraisal?



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