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In 1949 the receipts from eggs and chickens amounted to 8.6, 6.0, and 13.2 percent of the total cash receipts from farm marketings in Washington, Oregon, and Utah, respectively. About three fourths of these receipts were from sale of eggs and one fourth from the sale of chickens. Receipts from chicken sales, while less important than from eggs, amounted to about 21.5 million dollars in 1949 in the three states. As would be expected, considering the importance of egg production in the three states, many of the chickens sold are cull layers and other chickens produced incidental to the egg enterprise. While exact data are not available, about a third of the chicken receipts in the three states in 1949 were from birds produced exclusively for meat and two thirds from other chickens. The percentage of receipts from meat birds was slightly higher than this in Washington and lower in Utah.

Marketing agencies are not usually specialized as to type of chickens handled so it seemed desirable to study the marketing of all classes of chickens.



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