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In a free enterprise economy where production and consumption are adjusted through the medium of prices, consumers direct the kinds and amounts of production through their choices in the market. The problems of production and marketing of any product cannot be effectively solved without studying the wishes and actions of consumers.

To ignore the decisions of consumers is economic suicide. No one can long continue to produce who does not find buyers for his product. The producers who give the consumers what they want, in the form and at the time they want it, and at a price they are willing to pay, are the ones who are able to stay in business and find buyers for their products.

It is not economically feasible to force a product through the marketing channels and then have to induce the consumers to accept it. A more logical approach is to study the activities of consumers in the market, determine the-kind of product they want, the form they want it in, and the price they will pay; then adjust the production and marketing system accordingly.



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