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Infestations of the superb plant bug, Adelphocoris superbus (Uhler), in Utah alfalfa fields first came to the attention of entomologists of the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station during their investigations of the seed chalcid and lygus bug problems of alfalfa seed production in the Uinta Basin from 1926 to 1934. Because of its occurrence in considerable numbers, particularly in first crop alfalfa fields with thin stands, the superb plant bug was suspected of interfering with seed development. Consequently an investigation of the activities of this insect was begun in the summer of 1932 and continued through that of 1933.

Objectives sought in this study included the following: (1) distribution and population density of the superb plant bug in sample alfalfa seed fields of Utah; (2) its host plants; (3) biology and life history; (4) nature and seriousness of probable damage being done; (5) methods of control.



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