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The last summary of recommended corn hybrids published from this station was in 1939. Since that time there ha been a complete change of corn hybrid being tested and a considerable increase in both acreage and yield throughout the state. Corn used a silage is one of the most productive feed crop that can be grown on the irrigated land of the state. Under favorable moisture and fertility condition , hybrid corn can give outstanding yield of shelled corn per acre. At the present time only about one-sixth of the total corn acreage is devoted to grain, the bulk being grown for silage or for feeding in the field. Only hybrid corn is now being recommended. These hybrid have been produced through a breeding program in which the best self-fertilized inbred have been combined into single crosses then single crosses combined to make a double cross. Hybrids thus produced, if adapted, generally yield 20 to 30 percent more than the best open pollinated varieties. In addition the plant of hybrid are more uniform, have stiffer stalks, and are more resistant to disease.



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