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This publication has been prepared for your use. It is not intended that the average presented here will represent your farm exactly, but the information will be useful to you in planning your fattening enterprise for greater profit.

The information reported is based on interview with 103 feedlot operator who fattened cattle during the 1953-54 feeding year. The operators fed an average of 57 head for a 133 day feeding period. The cattle were steers and heifers of pr dominantly Hereford breeding. They gained a total of 279 pound in the feedlot at an average daily rate of 2.1 pounds. The figures presented, with the exception of actual a rage, represent practical ranges of costs, receipt , and returns. All are based on 1953-54 prices. You will need to adjust prices to current levels when making any estimate based on the study but you will b able to us the requirement for labor and feed unless your method of feeding or your ration is radically different from that commonly used in Utah.

The report contains two part. The regular printed material can be read to understand the general relations as they occur. The data set off by the printer give detailed findings of the survey. You may read this for more detailed study.



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