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Sale of eggs is one of the major sources of farm income in Utah. In 1954 egg receipts represented 8 percent of the farm cash income. This was the lowest percentage since 1929; receipts reached a high of 13 percent in 1935.

The relative importance of egg production doubled from 1924 to 1929 when the proportion of cash farm income from eggs increased from 4 to 9 percent. Since 1929 it has fluctuated without apparent trend. The percentage of cash income from eggs was high in years when egg prices were high relative to the other agricultural products and low when egg prices were low.

Utah is unique among the Western States in that egg production exceeds consumption. Not only are eggs from Utah sold in nearby intermountain states, but they are also shipped to distant markets. Prior to World War II most of the excess production above requirements of the intermountain market Was shipped to the East Coast. Since that time, with increased population on the West Coast, eggs from Utah have been marketed in California, Oregon, Washington, and many islands in the Pacific Ocean.



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