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This study deals with the problem sheep ranchers have in recruiting workers to meet their labor needs. Consideration is given to the composition of the work force on sheep ranches, to wages, the amount and causes of labor turnover, and to ways to reduce turnover. Labor recruitment practices are also discussed and evaluated in terms of available sources of farm labor, the possibilities of maintaining a stable supply, and the effect of farm labor problems on recent changes in the operations of sheep ranch enterprises. The primary focus of attention is on regular hired labor on Utah sheep ranches, although seasonal labor is given some consideration.

The study is not exhaustive or general in scope and does not represent the general labor situation of sheepmen in the whole Intermountain Area. Nevertheless, certain labor conditions described in this report are typical of those in other states and should be of general interest. It will be evident that sheep ranching in Utah has had its own unique development in relation to local geographic, social, and economic conditions.

This publication is designed primarily for sheep men and various public and private agencies who are concerned with the problem that sheep ranchers have in recruiting workers to meet their labor needs.



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