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Following the availability of lightweight aluminum tubing in quantity, irrigation by sprinkling has expanded rapidly in the United States as well as other areas of the world. Quick couplers, better pumps, and more dependable power units and power supplies have also contributed to the increased use of sprinkler irrigation. Future land developments will probably be more favorable to sprinkler irrigation since many of the areas best suited for surface irrigation have already been developed. Sprinkler irrigation can be an efficient way of applying water, and as water supply becomes more and more a limiting factor, more efficient methods for its use must be employed.

Because of its relative newness, its rapid growth, and its aesthetic appeal, sprinkler irrigation has received much publicity. Advertising has cited the tremendous savings in water, labor, and investment together with increased quality, yield, and profits as a result of using sprinkler irrigation. It is doubtful that the plant knows or cares how it gets its water as long as it can have it where and when required.



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