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A general plan for the scientific investigation of the laws governing plant production as influenced by the application of irrigation water, was outlined in 1900 by Dr. John A. Widtsoe as Director of the Utah Experiment Station. The detailed plans were prepared by the heads of the Chemical, Agronomy and Irrigation Department, under whose cooperation the work was to be carried on. In 1903 the Office of Experiment Stations of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, by contributing funds to this work, became a party to the experiments. Since then the investigations have been under the joint supervision of the State and Federal governments. In the spring of 1906, the State Engineer, Hon. Caleb Tanner, became a party to the irrigation work in Morgan and Weber counties.

During the season of 1904 the Drainage Expert of the Office of Experiment Stations and the Irrigation Engineer of the State Station made investigations upon the requirements for drainage throughout Utah, and during the same fall installed a drainage experiment in Cache County. As a result of the investigations and the favorable outlook for the drainage work instituted, it was decided to undertake drainage experiments in addition to irrigation work. During the past two years drainage has been an important part of the investigations of the Experiment Station.



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