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Investigations regarding the chemical and milling characteristics of some of the various varieties of wheat grown in the State have been carried on since the season of 1904. This is, however, the first report of the investigations that has been published. The work was started with the hope of assisting in the determination of the varieties of wheat best adapted to the State. While, of course, the variety which does not yield well but which has excellent chemical and milling characteristics is not desirable, yet on the other hand, as has already been so often pointed out, neither is the variety desirable which yields well but has poor chemical and milling characteristics. The ideal which we must strive to obtain is the high yielding variety, having the best chemical and milling characteristics. Of course yield commands the first attention but it must not be forgotten that the wheat is to be converted into flour which must have the necessary strength to produce a good loaf of bread. Quality of product must be combined with high yielding properties in order that our farmers may command the best price for their product.



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