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The Chemical Department of the Utah Experiment Station, since 1903, has been conducting investigations regarding the value of different wheats grown in the State. The results obtained during the years 1903 to 1906 were published as Bulletin No. 103 of this station. A special investigation in 1910 regarding the influence of the combined harvester on the value of the wheat was conducted and the results obtained issued as Bulletin No. 113. The results reported in the following pages were obtained during the progress of these investigations during the years 1907, 1908, and 1909. The method of milling the samples of wheat are essentially the same as previously reported.* The samples of wheat were all cleaned by the scrubber as indicated in the previous report. The methods of analysis are similar to the ones described in the former bulletins. The determinations for gliadin and glutenin are not reported because considerable energy has been expended on perfecting a better method of determining the gliadin content of the flour. The results of this special investigation have been published by Dr. Greaves. The determination. of the acidity of the flour has also been omitted. Before any valuable information can be obtained from this factor, it is necessary to make a complete study of the methods of determination. Such a study will be taken up at this laboratory. The volumetric method as reported in the former bulletin has no value.



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