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Previous experiments reported by this Station have shown the value of lucern, the principal forage crop of this section, when fed to cattle, sheep and hogs. The main part of this bulletin is devoted to the value of lucern when fed to horses, though a brief review of the work previously done at this Station in connection with the subject of horse-feeding is included. There has been, and is, some prejudice existing against lucern forming a part or all of the ration of horses, not only in the East, where the value of this crop is not yet fully appreciated, but also in Utah. Much discussion has been running through the agricultural press, during the past few years, concerning the effect of lucern on horses. Some writers maintain that the plan has proved to be such a strong diuretic that it is not safe to feed to horses for a very long period. Other writers have maintained that the constant feeding of lucern is a most fruitful source of "heaves" in horses.



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