F. S. Harris

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The farmer of the West is likely to be very much upset at the mention of alkali, mineral, or salt, in connection with his land. These various names are applied to a condition which he usually knows little about except that it is bad. The exact nature of the substances called by these names and the character of the injuy caused by them are very vague in his mind; but he knows that he wants nothing to do with alkali if he can help it.

The prevalence of alkali throughout the arid parts of the world makes it impossible for farmers in these regions to be entirely unaffected. The only alternative is to learn as much as possible about the condition and prepare to meet it squarely. All sections are not equally affected by alkali, but the soils of no large irrigated area are entirely free from it.

The fact that the better lands have been taken makes it necessary next to use some of the soils that are to an extent affected by alkali if the farm products of the arid parts of the world are to be increased.