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In Utah are somewhat more than fifty-two and a half million acres of land. Of this about five million acres are in farms, but only 1,371,000 acres, or 2.6 per cent, are irrigated. In addition there are about 344,000 acres under dry-farm culture, making a total of 1,715,000 acres of improved land. This leaves all of Utah's fifty-two and a half million acres, except about 3.5 per cent, to be utilized by some means other than crop-growing. There will be some addition of new lands not in farms and some development in unimproved farm lands, but when every development that can be reasonably expected is allowed for, it does not seem likely that more than about two and a half million acres will ever be devoted to crop-growing. With only 5 per cent of its total area capable of being tilled, Utah may just as well face the fact that 95 per cent of all its land must be utilized, if it is ever to be economically utilized, in some other way than crop production.