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MCAT, DAT, PCAT, and GRE Preparation Lectures

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The purpose of this video is to help second-year organic chemistry students review the concepts and questions that most frequently appear on standardized entrance exams, like the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, and GRE. In this video I'll teach you how to arrange molecules in order of highest to lowest boiling point, highest to lowest acidity, and highest to lowest solubility in a given solvent. This requires a review of intermolecular forces: London (Van der Waals) forces, dipole-dipole, and hydrogen-bonding. I'll also teach you how to identify a compound's empirical formula and its "degrees of unsaturation," how to predict which reaction in a series will be the most exothermic or endothermic (enthalpy), and how to compare two isomers and identify their isomeric relationship. --Dr. Mike Christiansen from Utah State University.

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