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Annual Meeting of the Four Corners Section of the APS


Stomata, microscopic pores on a leaf’s surface, regulate the diffusion of CO2 from, and the diffusion of water vapor to, the air.

Stomata are responsible for fixing essentially all carbon in the biosphere and generating over 90% of the water vapor in the atmosphere over landmasses.

Exactly how stomata respond to temperature, light intensity, and ambient CO2 and humidity, is still a matter of active debate.

Most research probing this question focuses on identifying and unraveling complicated biochemistry. Recent investigations in our laboratory, however, indicate that much of stomatal behavior can be understood in terms of a simple vapor phase physical model.


Poster presented at the APS 4 Corners Meeting in Orem, UT. PDF of poster is available for download.

Supported through NSF Grant IOS-11222003

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