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Golden Jubilee for Brass Ensemble


Golden Jubilee for Brass Ensemble



Golden Jubilee was written for the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Hillcrest Elementary School, Logan Utah. The piece was specifically prepared for the Utah State University Brass Ensemble for premiere at the school’s jubilee celebration on October 7, 2011. Through this effort, the composer (and also parent at the school) recognizes the quality education provided to the students by the staff and faculty at Hillcrest Elementary (Eric Markworth, Principal), with hope of continued success and growth for the next fifty years.

After a short fanfare introduction, this “jazz dance” in 6/8 time is presented in rondo-like form, and the melodic material comes from the term of the school’s existence (1961-2011) along with the initials of the school itself (H.E.S.). In assigning a sequential number to each note of the chromatic scale (C = 0, C# = 1, etc.), the numbers 1961 become C#-A-F#-C#, and 2011 becomes D-C-C#-C#; thus, the majority of the material is based on these pitches which act as a dominant progression to the rondo melody in E major.

The rondo theme appears twice before a contrasting sequential section, based rhythmically on the rondo theme. The rondo theme appears again in original form and two subsequent permutations (augmentation and inversion, respectively), before a break strain-like ostinato by the low brass over which are interjected statements of “H.E.S.” (Bb-E-B). A cascading transition leads to a final statement of the rondo theme and coda, complete with interjections of “H.E.S.” in the final drive to conclusion.


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Logan, UT

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Rohrer, Thomas. Golden Jubilee for Brass Ensemble. Logan, UT: Pershelle Publications, 2011.

Golden Jubilee for Brass Ensemble