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Dedication Fanfare and Processional for Brass Quintet


Dedication Fanfare and Processional for Brass Quintet



In 2010, Utah State University reconfigured its organizational structure to form the Caine College of the Arts, labeled for the generous benefactors of that name. This work is dedicated to the new college unit and its faculty and students with the hope of a prosperous future on the heels of a long tradition of creative artistry.

The work received its premiere at the “Raising Caine” concert, part of the Caine College’s inaugural gala celebration, by the Caine Brass Quintet on January 19, 2011 in the Manon Caine Russell Kathryn Caine Wanlass Performance Hall

Dedication Fanfare and Processional demonstrates the majesty of Logan Utah’s overlooking mountains in processional style, musically depicting the ongoing growth of the the university through the new College of the Arts. Essentially in two-part form with a coda, the work is unified by a triplet figure (musical, visual, and dramatic arts) and is characterized by a quartal motive that evolves into longer themes in successive permutations. The second section begins with an ambiguous rhythmic pulse (although it remains in duple meter) and gradually comes together in the driving processional theme, leading to a grand coda.


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Logan, UT

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Rohrer, Thomas. Dedication Fanfare and Processional for Brass Quintet. Logan, UT: Pershelle Publications, 2011.

Dedication Fanfare and Processional for Brass Quintet