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Voices on Stage and in Print


Voices on Stage and in Print



This anthology of student work is a collection of winning essays from Voices: on stage & in print, a writing contest hosted by the Writing Program at Utah State University. Voices celebrates the writing of students enrolled in English 2010, Intermediate Writing. Each essay in this volume was selected as best in class by the members of that class themselves.

Voices recognizes excellence in writing from students of all backgrounds and fields of study, and through these essays cover many different styles of writing and a wide range of topics and interests, each captures one of the many ‘voices’ of the rising generation.


Utah State University English Department

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Logan, UT

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Andersen, Susan & Moore, Bonnie, (Eds.), 2012. Voices on Stage and in Print. Logan, UT: Utah State University English Department.

Voices on Stage and in Print