Table of contents

Severe Newcastle disease outbreak causes serious losses to Utah poultry industry, by W. H. Binns H. M. Nielsen, and M. L. Miner 1

Home and farmstead planning 2

Investigation show variations in grading in turkey processing plants by R. H. Ander on 3

Six year of agricultural research 4

Red clover produces both a forage and a seed crop by R. J. Evans 5

Actual grazing trials prove new pasture mixtures potentially high producing, by G. Q. Bateman, W. Keller and J. E. Packer 6

Irrigation and drainage problem in the Lewiston area by J. S. Willams J. H. Maughan and O. W. Israelsen 8

Removal of alt by leaching found feasible and economical at Delta, by D. F. Peter on, Jr. R. C. Reeve, and L. E. Allison 10

Quality and yield of winter wheat only slightly affected by use of 2,4-D In weed control by D. C. Tingey 12

Dipping gives better control of sheep ticks than dusting, by T. Tibbetts and C. J. Sorenson 14

Insecticides not effective in control of curly top in tomatoes 16

Surface arsenic occurrence on some plants attractive to bees by T. C. Yao and G. F. Knowlton 18

New spectrograph laboratory completed, by M. C. Cannon 20