Table of contents

Weber Basin Project, by F. M. Warnick 25

New greenhouse for study of virus diseases 26

Salt Lake Growers' Market by J. D. Baker and V. L. Israelsen 27

Supply essential minerals in regular rations of hen, by C. I. Draper 29

President F. S. Harris 30

Dr. Louis L. Madsen 31

Appraising desert range forage, by C. W. Cook, D. O. Williamson, L. E. Harris, L. A. Stoddart, and L. L. Madsen 32

Chemicals effective in control of biscuitroot, by D. C. Tingey 34

New virus disease of sweet cherries, by B. L. Richards, B. N. Wadley, and G. W. Cochran 36

New potato varieties, by G. L. Stoker and G. Baird 38