Table of contents

DDT dust effective for earworm control in market and canning corn, by W. E. Peay and H. E. Dorst 25

Vernal alfalfa, a new variety on the way, by J. W. Carlson 27

Grade A milk sales from Utah farms continue to increase, by W. M. Allred and T. I. Gunn 29

Light frequent irrigations increase yields of shallow-rooted crops, by V. E. Hansen 30

Chemical thinning may increase production in Utah orchards, by R. M. Bullock 32

Diseases of the Italian prune in Utah, by B. L. Richards, B. N. Wadley, and J. C. Barlow 34

Halogeton may be spread by animals, by L. A. Stoddart, C. W. Cook, and B. P. Gomm 37

Halogeton on trial, by L. L. Jansen and E. H. Cronin 38

Intercommunity consolidation for better cemetery maintainance in rural Utah, By J. A. Geddes 40

Grass seeding to increase feed resources in southern Utah, by M. E. Robinson and D. H. Matthews 42