Table of contents

What's ahead for agriculture, by G. T. Blanch 69

Our new president, Henry Aldous Dixon 70

Diet of Utah school children deficient in vitamin C, calcium, and iron, by E. B. Wilcox 71

Two new assistant directors appointed-other staff and departmental changes 72

Wide variation between counties in production of grade A milk, by W. M. Allred and T. I. Gunn 73

Drainage can reclaim much potentially valuable land in Utah, by O. W. Israelsen and A. A. Bishop 74

Urbanization and its effect on community morale, by W. A. DeHart 76

Pelleting swine rations saves feed, by H. Steffen 78

Point 4 develops program for greater utilization of vegetables in Iran, by J. C. Ballard 80

Research basic (0 solution of the farmers' problems 88