Table of contents

When should you irrigate sugar beets? by V. E. Hansen and J. R. Barker l

Philip Vincent Cardon 2

CIPC gives promise of controlling dodder in alfalfa, by W. O. Lee and F. L. Timmons 3

Frank Burkett Wann 4

Herbicides give economic control fo mule ear on range lands, by D. C. Tingey and C. W. Cook 5

Choose the right corn hybrid, by R. W. Woodward and R. F. Nielson 6

Raising turkey fryers offer additional profits to turkey producers, by L. H. Davis 8

Panguitch farm-studies to improve farm practices in areas of high altitude, by R. F. Nielson 10

Pastures most valuable feed crop for irrigated land, by G. Q. Bateman, M. L. Dew, and G. E. Stoddard 12

Can farmers make money growing contract crops? by L. H.: Davis 14

Do Utah soils need potash fertilizer? by J. P. Thorne and Nielson 15

1953 spray tests for the control of insects and mite pests in apple orchards, by C. J. Sorenson and R. M. Bullock 18