Table of contents

Division of Agricultural Science organized 22

Alkali bees vs. drainage, by George E. Bohart 23

Two new department heads named 24

Profits in potatoes, by Earnest M. Morrison and W. Gordon Kearl 25

Is it necessary to use the limited irrigable land for industrial and urban expansion, by George T. Blanch 26

Aspen Cutting, by M.E. Robinson and D.H. Matthews 28

Merchandising milk through the school lunch, by Wells M. Allred 30

Low coumarin sweetclover, by Devere R. McAllister 32

Reed canarygrass, by Gordon A. Van Epps 34

A balanced diet at reasonable cost, by Maxine B. Lloyd and Ethelwyn B. Wilcox 37

Carp meal, by J.O. Anderson and C.I. Draper 38