Table of contents

More water for southwestern Utah, by J. M. Bagley, W. D. Criddle, and R. K. Higginson 30

How much machinery can Utah farmers afford? by D. S. Arnold and E. M. Morrison 32

Barley for your laying hens, by J. O. Anderson and R. K. Wagstaff 35

Alfalfa for Utah drylands, by M. W. Pedersen and D. R. McAllister 36

Economical feed for Utah swine, by H. Steffen, J. A. Bennett, and J. Risenmay 38

Tall wheatgrass offers promise in the reclamation of saline soils, by H. B. Peterson 40

Crested wheatgrass is best grass for seed production, by G. A. Van Epps and W. H. Benne 42

Consumer preferences for milk, by R. A. Christensen 44

Cooperative grade A milking barns, by E. M. Morrison 53