Table of contents

The future for agriculture in Utah, by W.P. Thomas 58

L.G. Clark 65

Early to rise, by S.L. Brower 62

Bulk Handling to milk, by E.M. Morrison and Soils of the Richfield area, by L. Wilson 66

Country living, by G.T. Blanch 68

Civic organizations get little support in Utah, By T.R. Black and Jerrilyn Black 70

Clutch of eggs in a cannon’s mouth, by C. Culmsee 72

Cows prefer pasture hay to pasture silage, by G.E. Stodard, G.Q. Bateman, and C.H. Mickelsen 74

Irrigated pastures, by L.E. Harris, M.L. Dew, and G.Q. Bateman 76

Premium for large apples, by E.W. Lamborn and W.L. Park 78