Table of contents

Obtaining maximum returns from federal land grants in Utah, by E. B. Wennergren and N. K. Roberts 55

Fruit juice powders, another outlet for Utah fruit, by D. K. Salunkhe, G. G. Watters, D. H. Taylor, and J. Y. Do 56

Apple varieties, their origin and importance for Utah growers, by D. R. Walker 58

Our enigmatic weather, by E. A. Richardson, G. L. Ashcroft, and L. M. Cox 60

The jackrabbit in its western habitat, by F. H. Wagner 64

Research for Utah's families, by P. Snow 66

A chalcid wasp parasite of the alfalfa leaf-cutting bee, by P. F. Torchio 70

Winter takes its toll of mountain shrub, by A. H. Holmgren 72

Dr. L. E. Harris receives Morrison award 81