Table of contents

What about Utah's starlings, by E. P. Bailey and A. W. Stokes 35

Sugar-beet, alfalfa -stem, and root-knot nematodes, by E. C. Jorgenson and G. D. Griffin 36

Characteristics of brisket disease, by J. T. Blake 38

Simplification - a geneticist's dilemma, by J. A. Simmons 40

Precipitation, one component of climate, by E. A. Richardson, G. L. Ashcroft, and l. M. Cox 42

Fluorosis in livestock, by L. M. Cox and J. L. Shupe 44

Phosphorus on alfalfa, by R. F. Nielson and G. Owens 46

A question of origin, by T. L. Bahler and L. M. Cox 49

Research reports 59