Table of contents

The Station serves us all - editorial, Director K. W. Hill 119

Food is a science at USU, Lois Cox 120

New tanning helps golfers 123

How to develop and use water - Utah's life blood, Alvin Bishop 124

Climate - the pulse of life, Gaylen l. Ashcroft, George W. Reynolds, and E. Arlo Richardson 129

Ornamentally yours, Bernard G. Wesenberg 132

Droppings, saliva spread leukosis 134

The mysteries of nutrition, Ethelwyn B. Wilcox 135

Where and why does Mrs. Murphy buy? Roice H. Anderson 136

New yearbook of agriculture now printed 137

Plant science and space exploration, Frank B. Salisbury 138

Contributions to research 143

Meat for an expanding population, James A. Bennett 144

Utah's range resources and their management, L. A. Stoddart 147

Feed-lot lighting helps cattle gain 150

Paper pulp waste product prevents insect development 151

Natural chemical speeds leaf drop 151