Table of contents

Seasonal forage use by pronghorn antelope in western Utah, Donald M. Beale and George W. Scotter 3

The fugue expands - bioclimatology - a practical science, Gaylen L. Ashcroft, E. Arlo Richardson, and Lois M. Cox 7

Meat consumption in Cache and Box Elder counties, 1965-66, Ellis W. Lamborn and W. Duane Evans 14

Wild oats may be foundation for high protein oats 16

Tall bluebell - an important forage plant on aspen range - in Utah, Veri B. Matthews 17

Combating rangeland cripplers, Wayne Binns, Richard F. Keeler, Lynn F. James, A. Earl Johnson, Kent R. Van Kampen, and Lew Dell Balls 20

How to write a model life history of a fish, William F. Sigler 24

Microbes help digest grass 28