Table of contents

Research on public land pricing policies at USU, N. Keith Roberts and Darwin B. Nielsen 95

Wildlife notes 98, 124

Now let's get it straight 98

Production and quality of cherry raisins and pickles, D. K. Salunkhe, H. R. Bolin, and N. Suthivanit 99

Mosquitoes love you? - here's the reason 102

Agricultural research serves nation 102

Apple production in northern Utah, Demetrios Agathangelides 103

X-disease of sweet cherries, Bryce N. Wadley and J. LaMar Anderson 108

New chemical may aid mechanical harvesting of sweet cherries, J. LaMar Anderson 111

Farm planning for weed control, D. C. Tingey 114

Exotic game birds in Utah's future - ecology in action, Wayne H. Bohl and Lois Cox 117

Caecal worm may cause chukar loss 123

Utah again free from hog cholera 124