Table of contents

Our Jekyl and Hyde Chemical World-some considerations, editorial 35

Pesticides and ecology, John M. Neuhold 39

The university's role in pollution control, David M. Berry 41

A brief history of pesticide use, Reed S. Roberts 42

Pesticides in public health, Lyman J. Olsen, M.D . 45

Chlorinated hydrocarbons cause thin egg shells but so may other pollutants, R. K. Tucker 47

Some benefits of pesticides to public health, Jay E. Graham 50

The Utah community pesticide study, Stephen L. Warnick 53

What can USU do about pesticides?, Louis A. Jensen 56

Mechanisms of pesticide toxicity, R. P. Sharma 57

Pesticides as chemicals-some considerations, William A. Brindley 59

Wildlife notes 61, 74

Regulation of pesticides, Joseph C. Street 62

Alternatives to chemical control of pests, Donald W. Davis and Ting H. Hsiao 65

Economics as a basis for policy decisions-pesticide use or non-use, Allen Le Baron 69

Pesticides and non-target insects, G. E. Bohart 73

Pesticides and populations, Ivan Palmblad 74

A device for opening deer jaws, Gary L. Hickman and Jessop B. Low 75

Deer trap modified, Gary L. Hickman and Jessop B. Low 76