Table of contents

Bighorn sheep in Utah-past and present, J. Juan Spillett and Larry B. Dalton 79

Utah's economy and the non-resident deer hunter, John D. Hunt 91

Chukars don't need guzzlers, William W. Shaw and Jessop B. Low 93

Moose immigration prompts research, David E. Wilson 94

Fremont-a new hard red semi-dwarf spring wheat, W. G. Dewey and R. S. Albrechtsen 96

Ag facts 97, 108

Downy mildew on alfalfa-in northern Utah, Sheldon B. Waite 98

Custom farm service: a method for increasing profits on small farms, Terry Peterson and Roice H. Anderson 99

Iron chlorosis in Utah-another look at, J. C. Brown 101

Trends and adjustments in American agriculture, 1950-1970, Roice H. Anderson 104

To find a virus, Lois M. Cox 107

Plants and drought stress 107

Wildlife Notes 108