Table of contents

Toward 1988-an editorial, Wynne Thorne 111

High-protein fruit juice powders, D. K. Salunkhe, H. R. Bolin and Kirti Salunkhe 112

A departmental marriage-the fruits of, C. A. Ernstrom 115

Sub-atmospheric storage of horticultural products, L. Elmer Olson 117

Year-round consumption-turkey for 118

Rapid continuous process for prune juice production, H. R. Bolin and D. K. Salunkhe 119

The advent of IRMA, G. H. Richardson and C. A. Ernstrom 121

A partnership with Utah's food industries-a food industry service program, C. A. Ernstrom 122

Dehydrated fruits and their utilization, D. K. Salunkhe, Charlotte P. Brennand, and H. R. Bolin 123

Regional climatic planning-guide for Utah, E. Arlo Richardson 127

Turf management in Utah, William F. Campbell 130

Water spray saves hay leaves, M. J. Anderson and C. H. Mickelsen 135