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Research helps Utah , D. Wynne Thorne 103

Ag notes 106 107 135

Color by cooling, J. LaMar Anderson, E. Arlo Richardson, Gaylen L. Ashcroft, Richard E. Griffin, Grant Hanson, and Jose Alfaro 107

Reducing freeze damage to fruit by overhead sprinkling, J. LaMar Anderson, E. Arlo Richardson, Gaylen L. Ashcroft, Jack Keller, Jose Alfaro, Grant Hanson, and Richard E. Griffin 108

A model can help save Utah's fruit, E. Arlo Richardson, Gaylen L. Ashcroft, J. LaMar Anderson, Schuyler D. Seeley, and David R. Walker 111

Further processing of turkey - putting a gobble into the dog, V. T. Mendenhall 112

Corned beef and ewe or squeezing more dollars from culls, Ted Gillett 114

The energy crisis and the fate of strip mine lands - western coal mines, Thadis W. Box 117

Where did all the people go? Cal Hiibner 121

Peeled pears more flavorful 123

Recreational land development: county bane or boost? John P. Workman, Donald W. MacPherson, Darwin B. Nielsen, and James J. Kennedy124

Research may optimize range animal productivity, John C. Malechek, Lorin E. Harris, John P. Workman, and Michael Wolfe 128

Increasing the calf crop 130

Balancing livestock rations - by computer, Lorin E. Harris and Leonard C. Kearl 131

Consumers have a stake in the Logan Central Milk Testing Laboratory, G. H. Richardson 134

Behavior studies in farm live stock, B. O. Barker, R. C. Lamb, and C. W. Arave 136

Wildlife notes 137

Dairying in Utah, R. C. Lamb and G. E. Stoddard 138

Alfalfa - an ancient crop gone modern, James H. Thomas 139

Our potentially prodigious queen - alfalfa, James H. Thomas 142

Forestry and watershed research - preparation for tomorrow's intensive management, Richard L. Meyn and Jan A. Henderson 144

Current publications list 147