Table of contents

Shrubs in Utah and the Intermountain Region Arthur H. Holmgren 3

Shrublands of Utah Neil E. West 4

The Spectacular Canyon Maple Philip A. Barker 7

Some Uncommon People and Some Uncommon Plants Walter P. Cottam 10

Syrup Production from Canyon Maple Philip A. Barker and D. K. Salunkhe 13

Rapid Evolution in Western Shrubs Howard C. Stutz 16

Shrub Seed Production - a Potential Enterprise Gordon A. Van Epps 21

Kochia Prostrata: a Shrub for Western Ranges? Wesley Keller and A. T. Bleak 24

Oldman Wormwood to Stabilize Disturbed Areas A. Perry Plummer 26

Shrubs for Restoration of Depleted Ranges and Disturbed Areas E. Durant McArthur, Bruce C. Giunta, and A. Perry Plummer 28

Rangeland Shrub Regrowth - Bane or Benefit? C. M. McKell and E. Earl Willard 34

Wynne Thorne Research Award Established 37

Utah Science Index for Vol. 34, 1973 38